It has been your passion and your pastime–your labor of love! You know your characters better than your own children. Now, you’ve been sitting on your accomplishment for far too long. It’s time to let others read your story!

At Silent G Publishing, we help you turn your short story, novel, children’s book, romance, action adventure or any other genre story into an actual eBook that people can actually buy and actually read.

Formatting: You’ve probably written your work in Word or a similar program. Before your book is ready for ePublishing, you must format the Word document so that it will look professional in an eBook reader. Readers (like Kindle or Nook) use a kind of web code (HTML) that doesn’t recognize all the pretty formatting, fonts and symbols that Word does. You must also format paragraphs to look appropriate as well as coding section and chapter headings so that they can be jump links to those pages. You must also create a title page. We can do all this for you. We’ll then send you an HTML version so you’ll know what it looks like before publishing.

Editing: Despite your Ph.D in English, you’ll probably need someone to edit your work. Most authors know it’s nearly impossible to proofread your own writing. We have editors that can cover everything from a final proof to more detailed editorial commentary.

Cover Art: You must also create a cover for your book. We can help you do it yourself by guiding you through the basic requirements that epublishers demand. Or, we can create one for you.

Publishing: We will then put your eBook in various online distribution channels. Currently, we’ll list it at Amazon and Barns & Noble websites. Purchasers do not need the readers! All they need is an application on their phone, tablet or desktop computer. We will also help with pricing, creating the marketing summary and search terms for your book so that buyers can easily find it. Your book will also appear on our website.

Copyright: We have an attorney on staff that can secure the copyright to your book to protect it from infringement.

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