By Jeffrey Scott

There Is A Time For Heroes

Discover the SAINT within each SOLDIER as Jeffrey Scott masterfully fictionalizes the story of five men caught behind enemy lines during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII in the first novel in the Saints and Soldiers series.

Experience the true story of the “Malmédy Massacre” through the personal accounts of Scott’s courageous characters.

Follow along with Captain Oberon Winley and Corporal Stephen Gould who both witness the savagery of war, struggle to cope with personal loses and escape a massacre of POWs to deliver critical information about Hitler’s plans to the Allies before it’s too late.

Sympathize with the soldiers as they try to discover and hold on to the inner spirit that will save more than just their lives, but their very souls as well.

A very human war story!

This edition contains a Preview of “SAINTS AND SOLDIERS: Airborne Creed” the SECOND novel in the series NOW AVAILABLE and “SAINTS and SOLDIERS: Thunderbolt Squadron., the THIRD in the series due out in early 2013.

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