SAINTS and SOLDIERS: Airborne Creed

By Jeffrey Scott

There Is A Time For Heroes

Discover the SAINT within each SOLDIER as Jeffrey Scott masterfully fictionalizes a story of espionage and redemption during the liberation of France in the second novel in the Saints and Soldiers series.

On D-Day, paratrooper Jonathan “JD” Curtis is the only man to barely escape the C-47 before it crashes. He lands behind enemy lines in France and his first thought is to hide as he is overcome with fear. But when a young girl finds him, he emerges into a world of espionage. From the comical Pascal to the serious Emilie, Curtis joins a rag tag group of French resistance figthers. He travels to Paris under the cover of night and avoids train bombings, bullets and sabotage in order to deliver important information about the Germans back to his command. The Allies need this information for the invasion into the south of France. Will Curtis overcome his fears to complete this crucial mission?

Meanwhile, Sergeant Antony Rossi is battling his own demons. His failing marriage and death of his closest friend plague his every move. Stationed in Italy, he is the leader of an elite group of paratroopers who are destined to lead the invasion into Southern France by marking the drop zones at the onset of Operation Dragoon. Despite his long career of successful jumps over Africa and Italy, he fears he won’t make the most important one of his life. Can Rossi put the past behind him and make the jump?

Is it luck or fate that brings these two emotionally wounded men together near Le Muy during Operation Dragoon? It is only through companionship and love that humanity can conquer the ravages of war.

Follow these amazing and personable characters as they discover the saint in every soldier and help liberate Paris from the German occupation.

A very human war story!

This edition contains a Preview of “SAINTS and SOLDIERS” the FIRST novel in the series NOW AVAILABLE and , the THIRD in the series due out in early 2013.

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